“we must declare, Praise the Lord that i am a son of God!! The almighty, all-sufficient God is my Father…and HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY!!” (LIFE STUDY OF GENESIS, MESSAGE 64) Thanks GOD is our FATHER!!


finally experienced working 45 hours a week in a restaurant realistic “kitchen battle” LOL and plus school. Thanks the Lord’s blessing for this week. — feeling Blessed .


Amen. Without the Lords mercy, we would be the same as the dormant ones. Praise the Lord.


our Chef just told us that we have served another 3000 people food today, YES YES!! and i just had another 10 hours straight today.


“Look at the wheat fields. Do u see the wheat that is growing there? Can’t you see resurrection in theses fields? the seed is sown into the soil, dies, and eventually the wheat comes forth. this is resurrection”. “看看麥田。你看見長在那裏的麥子麼? 你在這些田裏看不見復活麼? 種子撒在土裏, 死了, 最終麥子長出來了。這就是復活” (創世記生命讀經, 第五十九篇)。


“…GRACE means ENJOYMENT … God has come to be enjoyed by His called ones. But if we would have this enjoyment, the SELF must go. Once the self has gone, Issac comes. This means that grace comes. It is not east to lose the SELF. In order for the SELF to go, we must suffer loss … To lose the SELF is to lose our FACE. When we keep our face we lose grace. If we want to receive grace, we must lose our face … This is the principle. With us,the self must go & then grace will come” (Life Study of Genesis message 63)


” 你們要追求愛,更要切慕屬靈的恩賜,尤其要切慕申言( 林前十四 一 )。” 在聚會中,我們更該操練藉着說話得着釋放,我們就會又喜樂又舒暢 (聖经之旅 ch17 week 2)。


“We may even lie to ourselves, saying, I’m so weak. I just cant follow the Lord. I’d better turn around & go back. We must reject this lie and say, i will never go back. I will follow the Lord Jesus” “No! i can and i do love the Lord Jesus!” (Life Study of Genesis message 61).


“Let me ask you, Did you desire to be saved or to be a Christian? NONE of us did. But one day we heard the name of Jesus and responded to it in LOVE. This is the sign that we have been chosen … Our being saved did not depend on us. It was the result of the Father’s plan and the Spirit’s commission” (Life study of Genesis message 61)

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