Questions to God or to you…

Questions to God or to you…

These are the questions that I have had….and I never ask anyone before in my life.

1)      If a child dies only when s/he is only 2-3 years old, how could s/he believe in God or the Jesus Christ??…OR the person who has a mental disability?? How could s/he believe in god or the Jesus Christ??

2)      What is the difference between heaven and hell?? …I mean one is always happy, and one is always sad and painful. If we always happy and without sad in heaven, we will find happy/happiness  is not precious anymore, don’t you think so?? …After we die, we will still live for thousands of years…oh my god. So, what is the point to live in heaven?? To ignore sadness and pain??…and that’s it??

3)      Why god doesn’t appear to us Right Now?? If he does so, we will have a better and more beautiful planet to live in, don’t we??

4)      God creates us, why is he trying to destroy us??

5)      God only creates us, why he is willing to listen to us or our prays??

6)      Why a man is not always older than a woman with the god’s creation or theory?? …If god creates the man, and he uses man’s bone to create the woman, the woman should be younger than the man. However, this is not always true. On this planet, a couple not always has a man that is always older than a woman.

All in all, these do not make any sense at all, and what I am asking does not make any sense either.

To be continued…

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